Basic Information

Tuğçelik, was founded in 1988, with the background that refers many years of market and industrial experience in the Iron and Steel Industry of Turkey. Tuğçelik, with its increasing business volume and purchasing power in the Iron and Steel markets now has a very prominent position in the industry. Tuğçelik, with its modern premises that are spread over the entire region and with fully trained staff using the best of modern technology has the ability to provide a superior service to its customers. Tuğçelik, always keeps a large variety of steels, especially flat metals ( plates, heavy plates, shipbuilding sheets, hot/cold rolled sheets and rolls ) and carbon steels of various qualities in its' stocks. Tuğçelik, is able to offer a very rapid supply of a variety of Ukrainian, Romanian, Russian and European Community origined steels as well as products from Ereğli Demir Çelik. In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, Tuğçelik, maintains high stock levels of these steels during the whole year, so can normally supply 'from stock'. Tuğçelik, stocks steels for Ship Construction Industries, Heavy Machine Producers and for the Sawdust Manufacturing Sectors, but can also provide any steel product, at any quality and at any needed time by agreement, on a project basis. They also made export of these products. products; Plates : Quality = ST37 / ST42-44 / ST52 Heavy machine industry, sawdust manufacturing and use for steel products Plates : In various quality and standarts Shipbuilding and construction (Dam, bridge, road and constructions) Cold Rolled Coils Hot Rolled Coils In various thickness and quality Automotive, machinery and light industries Cold Sheets - Hot Sheets Sheets : In various thickness and quality Light machinery, boilers, tanks, depots and various products