Basic Information

Sharp (Phils.) Corporation is proud of its 27-year tradition of excellence. It was established as a joint venture in 1982 between Pilipinas Development Corporation and Sharp Corporation of Japan. For a company so young, SPC's major achievements and significant milestones already form part of its brief history. Towards the 10th year of operations, the company emerged as one of the leading electronics and home appliance manufacturers in the field. Now, SPC stands tall even among established giants, besting major competitions, truly becoming a by word among Filipino household. The local market responded with ncreasing support and very encouraging results. Indeed, Sharp has endeared itself to Filipinos young and old, capturing their hearts and minds, providing the much-needed impetus for change. Video, audio and home appliances comprise the three main product categories of Sharp. Through the years, SPC has expanded these lines to include more and more products and models to truly serve the local market. It is proud of the fact that the company is the first electronic and home appliance manufacturer in the Philippines to be granted the ISO 9002 certification for its quality systems by the British Standards Institute in 1993.


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