Basic Information

Pi-Si Foundry ,which was founded in 2005 in the Aegean port Izmir city in “A.O.S.B.” produces grey, spherodial graphite (ductile) cast iron and steel which are in compliance with the international standarts due his experience which goes back to 1960’s. We are able to cast net single part up to 2200 kg at our factory located on total 20.000 sqm. which 4.000 of it is covered. Our company is specifically experienced in the production of valve bodies and parts, water pumps, construction parts, cement industry components, automotive and machine components. Pi-Si Foundry has 2 induction furnaces each 500 kg and 750 kg and overhead cranes of 3 and 5 tons. The Annual capacity of production is 1500 tons net for single shift and 2500 tons for double shifts. Most of our molding process is done by utilizing the resin moulding process with 3 and 10 tons mixers by means of the reclamation system(by Omega). Additionally, 4 more overhead cranes of 1 to 3 tones, one forklift and one mini loader(Bobcat) are under the operation.


Iron Foundry / Castings