Basic Information

ZHEJIANG KANGLONG STEELINDUSTRY LIMITED is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel seamless pipe in large,medium and small sizes. Its area touches about 22,000 square meters and has a strong financing ability. It produces a large area of stainless steel seamless pipes such as 6mm-426mm * 1mm-40mm. It operates full quality management and set s up a modern quality management system by importing advanced international technology. The products are used widely in mechanics capability, anti-corruption, anti-pressure etc., our products have been broadly used in many areas such as petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, paper, textile, food and pneumatic components industry etc. we apply different sizes of pipes, such as GB/T14976-02 for liquid transporting stainless seamless pipe and GB/T14975-02 for ones used in boilers and heat exchangers and U.S.A. ASTM/ASME AND Japan standards. Different materials and types could be designed by your options.


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