Basic Information

Wuhan Challenge Miracle Co., Ltd. is a large company specialized in the sales of steel products to home and foreign markets and the supply of production materials to steel mills, established in 2002 by a group of senior traders and steel technical experts. Our headquarters in neighborhood of WISCO (Wusteel, the second largest steel mill in China), we have three purchase and sales branches in Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou cities. With close personal and business relations with some major steel mills, we enjoy discounts from them so we can supply steel products at favorable prices. Besides buying from steel mills, we are supplier of coal and steel scraps for some steel mills. Furthermore, we're shareholder of a modern billet mill to supply billets to large mills, such as Wusteel, Baosteel, and Masteel. Thus, only our domestic sales have mounted up to 60,000,000 US dollars annually and are still increasing steadily.


Trader (International)