Basic Information

Production of G.I. Wire in size range of 22 to 32 SWG was started in 1988, with the technical collaboration of SCMEC China. The quality is being accepted by the wire netting industry without reservation. Wire is manufactured by the most modern electro-galvanising process. Subsequently, Hot-dipped galvanising process was also introduced for thicker gauges. In 1990, the production of Carbon Steel Wire, Armour Wire, bead wire and spoke wire was also started. In 1992, the unit was further expanded and with the introduction fo German Machinery, started manufacture of high carbon steel wire, prestressed Concrete wire and stand. Technical assistance was provided by NMCP, the world-renowned organization in this field. High Carbon Steel wire is accepted by all spring manufactures as quality product and prestressed wire and strand is used by the most prestigious projects like “ Lahore – Islamabad Motorway project” and other National building projects, because of its quality and timely delivery. The product was got tested by the project consultants in Australian and Belgium laboratories and was found meeting the standards of ASTM A-416.


Spring Wire Producer