Basic Information

A producer/end user company dealing with the production of wire and all kinds of wire products since 1993.TUZUN WOVEN WIRE In 1989, our firm under the name of Tuzun siblings common partnership was founded by Seyfettin Tüzün ve Abdullah Tüzün. Since 1993 with the title of the Tuzun woven wire and iron industries trade limited company has been continuing its serving activities in the area of surrounding security, wire hedgerow, sport arenas, sport equipment, iron woodwork, steel construction and ferriferous. Our annual wire consumption is nearly 200 tonnes and in our workshops at thickness of 2-4 mm galvanise and at thickness of 15-80 mm PVC wires at the eye distance as well as cage wire can be also produced at wanted measures and dimensions. For a long time our firm, which is expert in the woven wire industry, has been generating efficiently service with its more experienced staff in every region of Turkey. Especially, our firm is very adept on open sport arenas. It appropriates the conscious of quality in the rapid developing technology and rivalry environment. Producing the project, constituting the manufacturing, delivering on time, montage, quality and price are our main and remarkable differences.


Wire / Steel Rope Producer