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Trakloc® is a patented, self-locking interior drywall stud framing system that allows metal framers to construct walls faster than using standard drywall studs. The System allows for “twist and lock” between studs and tracks, and does not require fastening with screws which can save up to 50% on labor costs. The Trakloc studs also have a telescopic property which reduces the labor needed to cut and join each stud, while also allowing it to be compressed to create a “stud inside a stud” (which has tremendous logistic and job site handling savings when used in commercial applications). Additionally, the Trakloc system is the only framing system that has built-in deflection capability, which has become very important in new construction for fire ratings, and in areas of seismic activity. Some of the other competitive advantages are the ability to manufacture to custom lengths and Trakloc can be assembled with less skilled labor, and allows for a safer jobsite and less scrap.

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