Basic Information

Established in BURSA, TAHA BAYRAK GROUP has been a specialist manufacturer of PVC, Aluminium, Sheet Metal working machines through its sales network and distributers both in Turkey and all over the world. In 2007,standing on four different factory buildings,holding a vast variety of products and producing at a high quality and low-priced goods,it has proved it self to be master of its sector with the latest system CNC technology process bands with chipping. TAHA BAYRAK GROUP's machines that provide facilities to the door and window makers,that highlights practical working and that are always innovative and timesaving have proved their quality with their references spread througout various countries in the world. TAHA BAYRAK GROUP will continue its innovations further in the following years. As it is known ,our company has set out with the motto "Analysises are formed by discussions" and it is proud of providing quality service to its customers with that idea and excitement without making concessions. The fact that the customer satisfaction affects the growth of companies in the long run has appeared before us in the from of "customer = long standing amity" has become the major factor that affects our quality. TAHA BAYRAK GROUP makes contributions to our country's economy through R&D works and engineering departmens in various segments. Especially after obtaining the results of researches,it improves the patented product range.The upcoming periods are planned for a higger and diverse production.


Machine Manufacturer