Basic Information

Sy’s focus is on selling to the trades in both the residential and commercial markets. From the shell contractor, drywallers, roofers, HVAC. Electrical, plumbing, stucco and lathing, and many other contractors associated with the construction industry. Sy’s has 2 rebar fabricating plants which are capable of producing up to 4,000 tons per month. We supply fabricated rebar #3-11 and straight stock. Hoops, dowels, and corner bars. Currently in these distressed times we are producing approximately 1200-1400 tons of rebar per month. Sys also supplies roll mesh, flat (sheet) mesh, durawall, slab runners and bolsters and individual high chairs. We also are the leaders in selling Simpson and USP metal products that meet the hurricane codes.

United States

Steel Fabricator / Cut and Bend Plant