Basic Information

STEEL TRADE LLC is a small regional trader and stockist of wire rods and rebars in Serbia and neighboring countries. Company has been operating since 2001 and has only 3 employees. They are purchasing WRIC (mesh and drawing grade) and D-Bars mostly ex MMZ - Moldova, BMZ - Belarus, AM KMK - Ukraine, but also occasionally ex Turkey (HABAS, EFESAN in last years) and Italy (mostly rebars in coils). Most of their sales are in Serbian market to end users, via their stock at Danube port of Pancevo (near Belgrade) - custom free zone, plus smaller quantities ending up in Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo. Volume is between 10.000-20.000 mt per year (taking into consideration starting from 2001, whereas this year was slow). Their stock is mostly covered with 500-1.000 mt at any time (abt. 70% wire rods and 30% rebars). Since they are dealing only with WRIC and DBARS (occasionally HRC ex MMK ILYICHA).


Trader (International)