Basic Information

Since 1974, SANLI DOKUM SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. has been producing various parts generally for machinery, construction, automotive, mining, textile, shipbuilding and wind energy sectors. Our casting capacity is up to 1 ton in ductile iron and up to 1 ton in gray iron, for single part weight. Ductile casting, cast iron and steel casting parts according to customer requests as soon as possible to produce the highest quality MAJOR PRODUCTS: *BRAKE DRUMS *DUCTILE AND IRON CASTING MANHOLE COVERS *DUCTILE AND IRON CASTING GULLY GRATINGS *COMPOSITE MANHOLE COVERS *COMPOSITE GULLY GRATINGS *IRON CASTING AND COMPOSITE BENCHS *DUCTILE AND IRON CASTING BOLLARDS *TREE GRATING *VALVES, FITTING *BOILER PARTS *AND ALL CASTING PARTS..


Iron Foundry / Castings