Basic Information
Quality steel and iron castings since 1925
Reliance Foundry is a global supplier of economical metal solutions

Reliance Foundry has made innovation and customer service the top priorities in delivering its line of cast metal products. At Reliance Foundry, a commitment to innovation has allowed us to adapt to the changing needs of our customers for 85 years. With a catalogue that currently features bollards, bike racks, industrial wheels and custom steel and iron castings, this commitment has allowed us to grow from limited manufacturer to global supplier. Reliance Foundry’s storied history began in 1927 and today, we remain committed to delivering metal products that meet the evolving needs of contemporary businesses and communities. We search the globe to source the most innovative and economical metal solutions. As our product offering continues to grow, we’re quickly becoming your all in one source for decorative and functional bollards, site furnishings and castings.


Iron Foundry / Castings

2012 USD 2.000.001 - 5.000.000