Basic Information
Globally Integrated Corporation

Starting off with the name Daewoo Corporation in 1967, POSCO INTERNATIONAL has played a leading role in Korea’s economic development through export enlargement. As Daewoo Corporation changed its name to Daewoo Co., Ltd. in 1982, the company started to handle the trade business exclusively. Separated as an independent corporation with the name Daewoo International Co., Ltd. in 2000, we mainly operate our business in the fields of international trade, development and management of infrastructure, resource development and so on. In 2010, the company was incorporated into POSCO Group, gaining solid internal stability. In 2017, through the merge and acquisition of the steel business unit of POSCO P&S, we merged domestic and overseas steel distribution channels of POSCO Group, securing our position as the key subsidiary of POSCO Group. In 2019, we have changed the company name to ‘POSCO INTERNATIONAL’, preparing to take a great leap forward in the future. Utilizing the international network comprised of more than 80 subsidiaries across the world, POSCO INTERNATIONAL is establishing value chains in various areas of business including steel, energy, agro-commodities, chemical products, machinery parts, infrastructure, and so on, discovering sustainable business models. Through this, we are becoming a ‘Globally Integrated Corporation’ that is directly involved in the entire major business processes beyond the conventional trading business.


Trader (International), Stainless Steel Producer/Supplier

2018 USD 50.000.000 and above


Type of Shares : Common stock No.of shares : 7,913,137 Amount of Capital Increase : 39,565,685,000 USD Total amount : 569,381,455,000 USD Contents : Convertible debenture