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Basic Information

Our company, founded in 1979 with the name Aysan, has taken the business name Paysan Çelik Tel ve Yay San. A.Ş. by being incorporated in 1998. Still acting as the subsidiary of Paysan A.Ş. which produces all kinds of traction springs, compression springs, torsion springs and wire form springs, Aysan company meets on the other hand the needs of Paysan A.Ş. in the field of machinery by manufacturing spring machines and equipments. While various compression springs from 0,2 mm up to 7 mm wire diameters which are in our product range are wound on automatic machines, all kinds of compression, traction, torsion and wire form springs from 0.15 mm up to 6 mm wire diameters are produced on CNC machines with precision. Furthermore, compression springs up to 12 mm wire diameter can also be cold wound.


Spring Wire Producer