Basic Information

As the result of the amalgamation of the former Pangang Group Chengdu Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd. and the former Chengdu I & S Works, Pangang Group Chengdu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. or PGG CSST, a metallurgical industrial enterprise was officially registered and established on May 22, 2002. The company is in possession of registered capital of 1.56 billion RMB, a total land area of 3.67 square kilometers, a staff size of 18,640 and a total asset amount of 6.19 billion RMB, among which 83% is held by Pangang ( Group ) Corporation and 17% is held by Chengdu Municipal Industrial Investment Operation Co., Ltd. The company’s total revenue and profit of 2002 are 4.07 billion RMB and 0.154 billion RMB respectively.


Crude Steel Producer (BOF, EAF, Mini Mill, Induction Furnace)