Basic Information

The juxing group company of jiangsu firstly appeared in 1970,gross investment is 100 million yuan, covered an area of 90,000 square meters. Produce and manage serial stainless steel and has not sewn tube, welded tube ,stainless steel products ,round steel ,steel ingot, neglected managing mainly,alloy-steel pipe alloy-steel tubeT91;P91;T5;P5;T3;T2;T1;Chrome stainless steel0Cr13、1Cr13、2Cr13、0Cr17 catena seamless tube; The products are applied to such trades as petrochemical industry ,boiler steel tube ,architecture , food ,medicine ,electricity ,etc. extensively. Produce the stainless steel every year and has not sewn and managed 2.50,000 tons, 5000 tons of welded tubes.The company has 76mm to bore a hole in the aircrew now,LB-5T is 12 to LB-200T cold-drawing machine,2LD90-1H cold-rolled production lines,LG-30-H production lines 2 pieces, it is the firm to dissolve, pickle to allocate,after mend by production facility not auxiliary not whole not precise,can satisfy the steel tubes of different interval of specification of production.Detection means is complete ,there are chemistry,mechanics,border looks,water pressure,measure harmlessly ,can guarantee the quality of all kinds of products.


Pipe / Profile Manufacturer