Basic Information

INOKSAN A.S. the leader in its sector for producing, developing and marketing industrial type of kitchen equipment with the new and advanced technology. Inoksan was established by Mr.Vehbi VARLIK ve Mr.N.Coskun IRFAN to produce cookers, ovens and stainless steel items in a small workshop in 1980 in Bursa. The first equipment to be produced was the potato peeler in 1985 and a first took place when INOKSAN got the registration of quality from Turkish Institute of Standards for dishwasher, cooker and pastry oven. This is the sign of the importance given to the customers as well as the proof of the sensitivity for offering the best service to the final users. Following years have been the expansion years for participating the sector exhibitions and getting in touch with the suppliers of the industrial type of kitchen equipment in 1987. Today INOKSAN distributes Rational, Elettrobar, Robot Coupe, Savla, Mareno, Animo, Faema, Aurea , Hobart, IMC, MKN, Traex, Santos products in Turkish market. Opening new showrooms in Istanbul , Ankara , Antalya , Samsun , Izmir and Bursa and widening the service network INOKSAN carried on continuously its facilities to be close to the customers and serving better. 1990's had been development years for the exportation. Asian countries, Austria , Sweden , Bulgaria , Germany , Belgium , African and Middle East countries and Cyprus had been the first countries to export. Following years the export facilities gradually increased. Aiming the quality and continuous technologic improvement, Inoksan proved its efforts by getting many certification: The first CE marking in its sector, the first industrial design registration for Rotisserie Grill from Turkish Patent Institute, the first ISO 9001 Certification by KEMA and GOST R ISO 9001 from Russian Test and Inspection Centre, The ISCIR from Romanian National Control and Approval Centre have always been the firsts in its sector in Turkey. In addition to that INOKSAN registered its trade mark within EU countries and all its products have CE certification. Recently Inoksan’s ISO 9001 certification has been renewed by British Standards Institute with 2000 Quality Management System as another first in its sector. Also Inoksan signed a Goodwill Declaration for the National Quality Movement executed by Kalder and self evaluation studies started for Total Quality Management Perfection Model and finally INOKSAN got the “ Committed to Excellence” award on 22nd November 2006 in Istanbul.


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