Basic Information

Hangzhou Zhedong Steel Tube Products Co., Ltd. is a modern professional industry and trade combined enterprise, specializing in producing and trading high-precision thick walled seamless steel pipes. They are one of the first to adopt restriction mandrel rolling mill for ASSEL high-precision Φ80mm enhanced tubes in China. Their products widely include tubes for structures of pipelines, vessels and equipment, tubing and casing, pipes and tubes for ships, tubes for geological drilling, boiler tubes, tubes for conveyance of fluid, seamless steel tubes for gas cylinders, seamless hot-rolled steel tubes for automobiles, cracking tubes, seamless hot-rolled steel tubes for hydraulic pillar service, and drill pipes. Their products exactly follow such standards as GB/T8162-1999, GB/T8163-1999, API SPEC 5D, API SPEC 7, TP, GB/T 5312, YB235, YB/T 5052, GB3087, GB5310, GB18248, YB/T 5035, GB9948, and GB/T 17396.


Pipe / Profile Manufacturer