Basic Information

The company possesses advanced equipment, complete inspecting measure, and multiple high frequency welding pipe production lines of high automation, including φ32mm unit line, φ60mm unit line, φ108mm unit line, φ219mm unit line, φ508mm unit line, and φ1600mm strip steel slitting production lines. The annual output of high-frequency welded pipe reaches 120,000 tons. The company is capable of producing high-frequency welded pipe of 1/4inch ~20inch (13.5mm~508mm) in outside diameter and 0.8mm~16mm in wall thickness, and square steel pipe of 15×15mm~400×400mm, wall thickness 0.8~16mm. The fabrication is carried out according to national standard GB/T3091-2001, GB/T13793-92 and GB/T6728-2002, and the products are sold in markets throughout China and Southeast Asia.


Pipe / Profile Manufacturer