Basic Information

Our motor industry bazaar of Konya in 1967 as a small workshop still the general manager of the company was founded by Mehmet Guven. Now Jack and Ali Guven 'is a family company with pleural. first established Our company only manufacture gray iron castings in the manufacture of ductile cast iron in today making. Casting Assurance, produces gray and ductile iron and cast iron parts used in all branches of industry producing high quality castings. Our foundry workshop in 1972, as well as the processing workshop had to operate parts of the shed today is also functioning as an option. In general, agricultural tools, spare our company is engaged in the production of parts, automotive sub-industry products manufactures. Under 500 kg / h capacity induction furnace containing 800-1000 tonnes per year, our company / year manufactures casting parts. this is part of the processing unit, close to half of the procedure.


Iron Foundry / Castings