Basic Information

Yougang Steel Co. Ltd. Guangdong, which was founded in 1990, is in Xiqi Developing District Xiaoqiao Jieyang City with the excellent environment and convenient traffic. We always insist on strictly modern management and excellent quality, we believe "development is principle ", so we are more and more strong, and now we are the one of the most important enterprise in our region. After teens years' accumulation and development, our capitalization is over ten-million, with a size of more than 40000 square meter, more than 50000 the acreage of construction square meter. And we have 3 product lines of rolling-steel and half rolling-steel 500,which can manufacture all types steel products 300 thousands ton every year. Our products are mostly in high-speed wire, circle steel, square steel etc, and are popular in all over country. We are carving out the international market. We have obtained the license of the national industry produce and the ISO9001-2000 international quality system authentication. We have a passel of advanced managerial person with ability, and train numbers of special technician, which are promoting the development of the industry in our region. After teens-years' effort, we have established the favorable relationship with all craft brother and made a passel of pure-hearted friends and coadjutant comrades at home.


Crude Steel Producer (BOF, EAF, Mini Mill, Induction Furnace)