Basic Information

This company with long experiences , has been activated in manufacturing of steel wire and rod since 1964. more development has been carried out from 1989. providing and processing of industrial hot rolled round bar (shaft) in order to fulfille customers inquiries was considered in the new developed production line. Since 2007 , foulad pardazan radin industrial company ( before known as Jafari Wire industrial company ) was established with some change in top management. Development and up grading the quality and quantity of products is the main object of presented company that would be possible by more than 40 years experiences of manager and related persinals. Our company by using the available equipments and mutual corporation whit related sub-supplier components and also based on well known experiences , is one of the major supplier of Automotire Parts Fanufacturing companies like Mehvarsazan Iran Khodro , Fanarsazi Zar T Idaj and so on. We can also provide our products for all customers with different amount of order. Establishment of Quality Management System (ISO 9001 , 2000) and improvement of our product quality after several years hard working together using the new technology is the best and well known activities of company and industrial development policies of IRANIAN government. A producer of wire drawing, hot rolling, peeling, polishing and centerless grinding products.


Crude Steel Producer (BOF, EAF, Mini Mill, Induction Furnace)