Basic Information

ELTE PANO keeps moving ahead by following developments very closely in its sector in the world. ELTE PANO has vision to adopt these developments to its production to fulfill international standarts by renewing its machinery park. Our vision and policy is to create “on-time, quality, economical products and solutions” to our customers and gain trust or our customers with our promised service. ELTE PANO produces, Low voltage switchgear enclosures, busbar and fiberoptical cabling cabinets, outdoor type cabinets for communication industry, electronic tool boxes, and other sheet metal fabrication products from stainless steel, alumimium , galvanised and mild steel. ELTE PANO supportes these products with its service applications by engineering and designing according to international standarts and customer requirements. As our corporate policy, our vision is to focus thoroughly on customer satisfaction by succeding our promises in a way which will create reliability, trust, value-added solutions.


Electric Appliances / Elevator Systems