Basic Information

Chongqing Jialing Runji I/E Corp was established in Oct. 1989 and Chongqing Jialing Runji I/E Corp was changed her name as Chongqing Trust Glory New Metal Co.Ltd.on Aug. 2002 on the purpose of expanding of export business from China. since then, we have been supplying a lot of the export products to worldwide countries. especially Japanese market. while we have found out new resource and developed new products through our customers. We are not only export our products produced by ourself to worldwide and we always introduce very good quality Chinese products and very competitive price and reliable producers to our consumers in worldwide countries for their consume as long terms. On the basis of rich experience Chongqing Trust Glory has been also marketing for our customers to provide good products in the niche field. At present Chongqing Trust Glory has the great network and professional persons who worked at Chinese steel and non-ferrous, welding industry, electronic raw materials industry, magnetic materials industry, battery industry, powder metallurgy and rare metal metal and also Chinese food /nitive products so that we are able to meet exactly needs of import from our worldwide customer.


Trader (International)