Basic Information

Changshu City Steel Rolling Co.,Ltd. is the first small hot rolling productive company of profiled bar in China in the 70's. Their products have passed through ISO9002 Quality System Certificate and had a balance in production and sales. The company was authorized to be self-saled exported management corporation by the nation in 1996. And it changed into share teamwork System Corporation. They have RMB 9 millions registered funds. Now there are 325 staffs in our factory. Now They have two assembly lines of rolling steel. The rolling machine of ф300×2/ф250×6 mainly produces 32 series window frame steel(3201、3201-2、3202、3203、3208), 25 series window frame steel(2009、2504b、2507b、2502), under 5# U type steel including 5#, under 4# equilateral angle steel, under 5.6/3.6 non-equilateral angle steel, Y type steel and small specification square steel. The rolling machine of ф350×2/ф300×4/ф300×1 mainly produces 5-10U type steel, under 7.5/5# non-equilateral angle steel, under 6.3# equilateral angle steel and 32 series window frame steel(3205、3205-2). The common structure has square steel and flat steel(depth is 10-20×width is40-80). They also produce specialized steel of container(113×40×10、113×40×12). And its precise component is transferred to other workshops. It produces 120,000 tons products each year. At present single shift produce 50,000 tons each year.


Rolling Mill