Basic Information

Zhongyou TIPO Group Corporation was founded July 1987 in Shenyang as Petroleum& Chemicals Resources Company, under the North-Eastern Petroleum Management Bureau of the former government Petroleum Ministry. So many years passed, TIPO has gradually been transformed and developed from operation only in Resources and Equipments trading to multi corporate in various of industries, including Machinery Manufacturing, Ports Transporting Property Development, Hotel Development and Management, etc. The workforce has grown from 20 some employees to about 5000 today. There are 15 exclusively owned subsidiary companies, including Shanghai Zhongyou TIPO Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xinfa International Dock Co., Ltd., Anshan Zhongyou TIPO Steel Pipe CO., Ltd., Anshan Zhongyou TIPO Foundry Corporation, TIPO International Hotel Co., Ltd. Beijing Materials & Equipment Co., Ltd. of Zhongyou TIPO etc. The total assets exceed Six Billion RMB. In the year of 2006, TIPO became one of the largest shareholders of Shengjing Bank.


Pipe Distributor