Basic Information

The Company Griff Warenhandelsgesellschaft mbH (established on 22nd of April 1992) changed its name to AuroraGriff GmbH in 2002, after the fusion with Aurora Stahlhandel GmbH (founded 1995). The Founders of these companies were Mr. Jury Grinin († 2000) and Mr. Boris Kholmyansky, well known businessmen in the steel-trading and manufacturing sector of Russia. A great milestone occurred when Mr. Andrey Komarov (parted in 1996, now famous and influential businessmen) and Mr. Rolf T. Burkhardt joined the company as share holders. Since 01.01.2008 there are only 2 share holders: Mr. Frank Burkhardt and Mr. Rolf T. Burkhardt. AuroraGriff’s main business is trading ex stock with special forged and rolled steel from Russia, Ukraine and China. Through its subsidiary in the USA, Aurora USA, Inc. (established in 2000) we are also operating in North America. We are trading from our main stock in Antwerp (B) and from our six further stocks, which are situated in the UK (1), Russia (2) and in the USA (3). Our main markets for special steel are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Scandinavia and the USA/Canada. With reference to official figures, our company is the biggest importer of forged steel from Russia. We have been taking this niche position for many years and we hope to be successful in the future as well. It is very important for us to maintain personal contacts with our suppliers and producers. For this reason we set up a representative office in St- Petersburg to be able to visit our suppliers’ mills and organize other meetings with mill representatives. The company’s governance in Cologne (Germany) also takes part in negotiations with our suppliers. Since the establishment, our companies have already sold about 5 Mio tons of steel (commercial and special steel) on the world market, among which the 250,000 tons were special steel.


Trader (International)