Basic Information

This company AMG Australia Pty Ltd, and another company AMG Trailers Pty Ltd, are generally users of steel product in either raw form or as a finished product. Currently AMG Australia Pty Ltd is negotiating to purchase approximately 2000 tonne per annum of wire and other stock fencing related products made from steel.AMG Trailers Pty Ltd specializes in the manufacture and sales of semi trailers for road transport usage. Their expected usage of steel, not counting the current economic turmoil is around 1750 – 2500 tonnes per annum. As almost all work is completed under contract by various other companies, their workforce is a small contingent of office staff only. Buy wire and steel posts in China. Wire is exported to a manufacturing facility. Wire fencing is then sold in Australia. Negotiating to buy fabricated wire fence from suppliers in China. We are also looking for new suppliers of fabricated fence and the manufacturers of the steel Y post. Semi trailer manufacturers are normally responsible for purchasing the bulk of steel plate required. Some specialist product may be sourced, or specified by AMG Trailers PL. the trailers are then sold in the Australian market


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