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Come Fly With U.S. Metals

We have a LARGE INVENTORY of HMS 1 & 2 and Steel Coils of all kinds, available for sale. WE OFFER THE FINEST AND CLEANEST HMS 1 & 2 IN THE INDUSTRY……………………….. We offer CR, HR, Galvanized, Galvaneal, Aluminum, Painted and numerous other kinds and amounts of Coil. We also area able to provide: Sheet, Plate, Bar, Tube, Slit Coil, Painted and other processes that we use and apply in a much quicker fashion….. If you are interested in our Pup Coils & our Large Master Coils, please advise and please send to us the Metric Tons that you require and please tell us the gauges that you would require and what Gauges would you accept. WE do and can provide gauges from 7 to 26 & more…. All of our Steel Coils are provided with the Chemistry of each Coil. We accept most terms including an LOC…. WE can provide to you the HMS 1 and or Coils for less than 19 Cents. Pictures for you to review, upon request. Please let us know if you would like to visit and come to our facilities in Michigan…. We can in most cases based upon sufficient Information, Arrangements and Documents can provide shipping within 5 to 10 days. We are also capable in shipping your urgent loads within 3 days.... US METALS OPERATIONS, LLC

United States

Scrap Yards

10000 mton

2015 USD 50.000.000 and above


Charles Jones William Dow Keith Prevatte